Topic outline

  • CAP resources logo This collection of resources provides IT and communications staff guidance on setting up the software used for issuing CAP alerts and assuring that alerts meet CAP standards. As a collection of resources, this is a not a course, no badges or certificates of completion are issued.

  • Defining CAP XML Standards

    These resources provide details on the XML structure of CAP messages. This information is critical for organizations developing or updating their own CAP alert authoring tools. 

  • Creating a Source of CAP Alerts

    These resources pertain to creating a source of CAP alerts. Options here include writing alerts using a text authoring tool, modifying an existing alerting tool, hosting open source tools, or using an alert hosting service. Your situation and needs will dictate which resources to use.

  • Publishing Alert News Feeds

    Through the use of RSS or Atom syndication standards, CAP alerts are published and made available to their target audience. The following resources provide insight on using and creating CAP alert news feeds.

  • Sample CAP-enabled Aggregators and Hubs

    The following is a very small sampling of CAP alert technology leveraged for situational awareness. It is informative to explore these and other alerting tools to gather ideas for your own organizational needs.

  • Register of Alerting Authorities