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    Welcome! These courses and resources are designed to enhance your understanding of CAP: what it does, how it works, how to issue CAP alerts, and how to manage and set up CAP for your organization. The material is offered as three separate courses to be taken based on your role and responsibilities in administering and maintaining CAP alert systems. In addition to the courses, a collection of IT resources provides guidance for installing and maintaining CAP Alert software.

    The courses are self-directed, meaning that you can take them at your own pace with all resources and learning activities available online. Upon successful completion of a course, you'll be issued a WMO certified badge.

    The CAP Basics course is a prerequisite for taking the other two courses. It provides an overview of CAP. Choose which courses to take based on your needs.

    Do you need to implement and manage CAP? Take CAP Basics and Guidelines for Implementing CAP Alerts.

    Do you need to issue CAP alerts? Take CAP Basics and Issuing CAP Alerts.

    Do you need to set up CAP software and servers? Take CAP Basics, Issuing CAP Alerts and use the resources available in Advanced CAP Concepts and Customization Resources.

    To get started, select the CAP Basics course below and follow the prompts to enroll in the course.