Topic outline

  • CAP Issuing badgeIn the prerequisite course, CAP Basics, you were introduced to the Common Alerting Protocol: the benefits for using it; the technology behind it; examples of tools for issuing CAP alerts; and examples of CAP-based alert hubs. In this short course, you will further explore the structure of CAP alert messages and an online tool for authoring CAP alert messages.

    Note: The "Enrollment key" for this course is provided at the end of the "Cap Basics course", and only visible upon completing the course. 

  • Course Overview

  • Anatomy of a CAP Alert Message

    The first lesson in this course reviews the details about the structure of CAP alert messages, its elements, and the XML that defines them. 

  • Explore the CAP AlertEditor

    The second lesson in this course is a further exploration of the elements of a CAP alert while learning how to use an online CAP alert authoring tool.