Important Times and Dates

[Note: All modules may be completed either online through the links on the site or offline using the modules given in the memory stick provided to the partcipants. However the Quizzes must be completed online through the links on the course website. Please post questions for each module in the Course forum on the site. The questions posted by the participant will be answered by a group of experts. The questions raised, and the answers/discussions theron are available/visible to all.]

Pre-Course Work:

As a part of pre-course activity for this course, the participants will complete their profile.

A module on - Understanding the Hydrologic Cycle(1.5–2hr) is also to be completed. This module enables the participants to understand the movement of water over the surface and below the surface as well.

Course Schedule

Below is a brief summary of the course schedule. Pl. see main page to access all modules.

Week 1:  16-20 October 2017

- Orientation Session (Live webinar - optional, Slides/text will be available on site.) will be conducted online on Monday, 16 October 2017; 1100-1130 IST

This live webinar session will present a brief overview of the course and the activities involved. The live session will give you a chance to meet your instructors and other students online. You will have a chance to ask any questions you might have. You will be provided with a link to connect to this webinar. For the participnats who may not be able to join the live webinar due to bandwidth constaints etc. can watch the Course Introduction video given in the memory-stick.

For more information and to sign up for the webinar, click link below.

This week will have following two  mandatory modules :

- Runoff Processes Module (2–2.5hrs);
- Measurement of River Discharge (1.5–2 hrs)

Week 2 : 23-27 October 2017

This week will have following two mandatory modules :

- Unit Hydrograph Theory Module (1.5–2 hrs);
- Streamflow Routing (1.5–2 hr)

This week will have one Optional Module. Though this module is not mandatory for participants of this course, but we consider it a good read; and a walk-through of this module is strongly recommended.

- Derivation of Unit Hydrograph (2.0-2.5 hrs)

Week 3: 30 October - 3 November 2017

This week will have following three mandatory modules :

- Flood Frequency Analysis:International Edition (1.5-2hr)
- Flash Flood Processes: International Edition ( 1hr)
- Flood Forecasting Case Study : International Edition (1.5 –2 hr)

Week 4: 6-10 November 2017

Participant must complete at least 2 modules out the 9 elective modules given below. Participant may complete more than 2 modules at his/her discretion and interest.

1. Flood Frequency Analysis:International Edition (1.5-2hr);
2. Flood Frequency Analysis : Part 2 (2–2.5 hr)
3. Distributed Hydrologic Models for Flow Forecasts -Part-1 ( 1 hr)
4. River Ice Processes : Short Version ( 1 hr)
5. Snow Melt Processes : International Edition ( 1 hr)
6. An Introduction to Ensemble Stream-flow Prediction (1.0 - 2.0 hrs)
7. Dam Failure Concepts and Modeling
8. ASMET : Drought in East Africa ( 1-2 hr)

Week 5 : 13-17 November  2017

Finish/Catch up on modules

Week 6 & 7  : 20-30 November  2017

This period will be devoted to the Final Writing Assignment

The Final Writing Assignment will be due at 1100 hrs IST on 27 November 2017

Final concluding live webinar will be conducted on 4 December 2017 @ 1500 Hrs IST. Click below to register for the webinar to be updated later 

The durations given above for competing a module are for participant who are well conversant with English Language. For the other participants, it may take 50 % to 100% more time to complete.

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