1.1.6 Provide display options for course Schedule

Technical guidance and constraints are discussed.

1. Introduction

Many of the courses/events inside Moodle have some kind of reasonable structure for students to follow (i.e. schedule or agenda or timetable). This structure can be oriented to a topic, to a time period, but in many cases this is a combination of both (for instance, for some imaginary course schedule might look like: Week 1:  "Introduction to the course", Week 2 and 3: "Basics of dental care", Week 4: "...", etc.) . Schedule is a first orientation for learners inside the course/event and therefore a crucial part. Often it is the first thing you see when you visit the homepage (header) of a Moodle page, but it can come in different forms and places (e.g. Calendar feature, or a simple .PDF document).

A few examples of different ways to implement this simple and (seemingly not, but very) important part of the Moodle page will be listed on the next page.