Using Assignment



The Assignment activity provides a space for students to submit work for teachers to grade or give feedback. It can be used as practice, as a means to give feedback to students on their learning, or as summative assessment.

It can also be used to remind students of 'real-world' assignments they need to complete offline, such as art work, and thus not require any digital content. Assignment due dates appear in the calendar block of a student's Moodle Dashboard.

The work may be text typed directly online or uploaded files. Grading may be by simple percentages, custom scales, or more complex rubrics. Students may submit as individuals or in a group.

On their view of the assignment, students click the assignment link and click “Add submission”. Depending on the assignment settings, they either have a text box into which to type their work or an upload area to submit their file; following teacher's settings on the assignment, they may be able to return to their work and redraft it, or they might have to click a submit button to send in a final version which cannot be changed.

On their side, teachers can click on the assignment and once students have submitted their work, choose "Grades". In the new view that opens, the submission may be annotated and/or downloaded; a grade entered and individual feedback given. The teacher saves the changes and moves to the next student.

The teacher can also click on "View all submissions". A table of submissions allows them to check who submitted and who has not, and choose a single submission to grade or comment. More time can be given there to a student to submit their work.