Using Quizzes for practice and assessment

1. Why using quizzes

The Quiz is a very powerful activity that can be used in a variety of situations, either to provide opportunity for reflection, feedback for improving knowledge, or for assessment. The importance of feedback for learning has been highlighted by a number of authors. It contributes to student development and retention. In distance learning, immediate feedback given to students while they learn is of utmost importance.

Providing feedback in a quiz helps focus the learning.The Quiz activity is one of several Moodle activities that provides this functionality. Using quizzes can help students practice while they learn. They can also reveal cohort misunderstanding to teachers. Of course, quizzes are also a tool for assessing your students knowledge and skills. As a consequence, the Quiz activity has a lot of possible settings to meet teachers needs. Nevertheless, once you understand how they work, they are not a difficult Activity to deal with.

The video below will show you some features of the Quiz activity. You can also read the introduction to Using quiz provided on the MoodleDocs site, to have a quick idea on how it works and how it looks from the student's side.