The instructor will grade the Final written assignment as per the criteria given in this scoring guide. The maximum score for the assignment is 100.

There are five criteria, each worth up to 20 points.

1. Length :

The assignment ideally should have 1000 to 1500 words

This participant who stays within the word count receives the full 20 points.  Lesser words will reduce the grade proportionally. Extra count will also reduce the grade unless the extra material is  clear and adding value  to the discussion.

2. Addressed options:  Original content

Participants who identify the option ( one out of three options given) well in  advance and then write an original report will receive the full 20 points. The options for the written assignments are detailed on the course website. Participants submitting almost same wording as another participant ( indicating that they copied from each other or from a manual )  will get lesser  grades.

3. Organized and easy to follow; includes summary

The assignment containing following in a well-organized format will get maximum 20 points.

  • A title page with her/his name and location
  • a brief introduction explaining what she/he is writing about
  • a discussion of data and results
  • a summary of the main points in the report.

4. Used graphics and visual aids as appropriate

Simple graphics, sketches, figure are very helpful at communicating some of the important points, especially when language barriers exist. The participant who uses visual aids to assist the person reading her/his assignments will receive the full 20 points. It doesn’t have to be a too much of graphics either. A simple map of the local geography, climate, and instrumentation can also be helpful.

5. Refer to topics in the course

It is expected that the participants refer the course modules while writing the assignment. The participant who refers to lessons from at least one of the required modules will receive the full 20 points.


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