Final Writing Assignment

For your final assignment, imagine that you have been asked to provide a clear and concise report to your organisation on one of the following topics. Please make this 1000-1500 words in length. Feel free to include figures, sketches as appropriate.

Option A) Discuss the work responsibilities of your office. What are the particular services your office provide to the Government/administration/other organisations/Pubic? What data sources do you rely on to accomplish your responsibilities? What areas in the process needs the most improvement? For example, access to data, computation limitations, staffing limitations?

Option B) Report about your local hydrological conditions. Describe the hydrologic variability in your area of concern, e.g. seasonal variability of precipitation, flooding, drought, groundwater issues, etc.

Option C) Outline the strengths and weaknesses of your local hydrologic forecasting system. Provide a detailed description of your current operational flood forecast methodology. What are some of its significant shortcomings and what sorts of tools, data, programs and infrastructure are needed to improve the forecast system?

The writing assignment will be due on 1100 hrs IST, 27 November.

Share your work?

We also would like to ask if you would like your final writing assignment shared with your fellow course participants. Sharing your assignment would be a good way for others to learn about your work, who may have similar issues with their organisation's hydrometeorological forecasting and management, and may open new ways to connect with your colleagues. However, we will assume that you DO NOT want to share your final report, unless you tell us otherwise.

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