Distance Learning Course in Basic Hydrological Sciences for Asian Region ( WMO RA-II)

National Water Academy(NWA), Pune, WMO & COMET are organizing a Distance Learning Course in Basic Hydrology for professionals working in hydrological forecasting and design flood analysis in Asian Region ( WMO RA II) , from 16th October to 30th  November  2017.

The course is designed to meet the needs of hydrological forecasters who work with hydro-meteorological data, and apply this knowledge in the field of flood forecasting and hydrology. Accordingly, the course (in English only) lays out first an elementary understanding of ground, surface, and atmospheric forms of water, and later prepare the participant for its application in hydrology and and flood forecasting.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of the hydrologic cycle
  • Explain the rainfall runoff process
  • Learn River Discharge measurement technique; & Discharge computation by velocity area method
  • Describe the process of streamflow routing
  • Derive & use a unit Hydrograph
  • Apply various hydrologic modelling methods for streamflow routing
  • Apply various methods to assess flood risks

The course will be centered upon 17 distance learning modules. Some of them are developed by COMET, and some by National Water Academy.

The module on "Understanding Hydrologic Processes" is a part of Pre-Course Activity.

There are 7 required modules including a flood forecasting case study. In addition, students must complete 2 elctive modules out of the 8 elective modules given. If they are driven by keenness to learn more on those topics, they can attempt more than 2 modules. Participants will be required to complete online quizzes at the completion of each module.

Like NWA modules, COMET modules can be downloaded directly from the COMET website. All modules are written in presentable form in a manner to keep the reader engaged until he/she reaches the end. Similarly, quizzes for all modules are also constructed not to test the knowledge of reader, but to aid diffusion of knowledge of basic hydrology.

The course will also include two live webinars to be attended by participants via Web technologies at the start and close of the course. Considering that in some places there can be constraint of band-width, these events are optional.

Daily online communications between course instructors and fellow participants is also possible through 'Course Forum'. The both live sessions as well as online communications will allow participants to ask questions, share their issues and experiences, and learn more deeply by discussing the course content with their peers and the instructors. We urge the participants to interact with us as often as they feel necessary.

In addition to completeing the given modules & quizzes, each participant will be required to complete a short final assignment. Upon successful completion of the assignmnets and the online quizzes for each module will earn participants a certificate of completion jointly issued by NWA, WMO & COMET.

It is estimated that the dedication needed to successfully complete this course is a total of about 48-56 hours, or an average of about 8 hours/week.

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