A new version of OSCAR/Surface is now online!

A new version of OSCAR/Surface is now online!

by Lucia Cappelletti -
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Dear OSCAR/Surface users,

The newly deployed OSCAR/Surface v1.5.2.1 introduces a number of improvements, among others:

  • The zoom level is no longer restricted. Detailed station surroundings can be viewed on maps.
  • The scale dependent simbology is optimized to better identify stations on maps, at all zoom levels.
  • National Focal Point and Metadata Editor are able to delete incorrect metadata for stations in their responsibility.
  • Important metadata elements are easy to fnd on the restructured "data generation" edit form.
  • WIGOS Station Identifier field format is compliant with latest WIGOS regulations.

Additionally, a number of bugs were fixed with the new release:

  • Schedule "hour" and "minute" fields on the "data generation" edit form are correctly displayed and saved.
  • The station reporting status for GAW stations is now correctly calculated.