Please participate in the OSCAR/Surface User Survey

Please participate in the OSCAR/Surface User Survey

by Timo Proescholdt -
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Dear OSCAR/Surface community,

today we have launched the OSCAR/Surface User Survey and we would like to ask you to participate in it. The survey is available online in all WMO languages, and strictly anonymous/confidential. To participate, please click on one of the links below. 


The survey has been designed and will be analyzed by the ICG-WIGOS Task Team for OSCAR Development, with a view of getting feedback from the community about OSCAR/Surface. The results of the survey will be made available to the community in a monthly webinar, and will be used by the OSCAR development team to implement new features and improve the system. Thus, if you have any feedback, criticism or laurels, please input them into the survey.

The survey will be initially available until the end of April and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. You can continue editing your survey after a break, but only from the same computer/browser and with the same cookies.

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Re: Please participate in the OSCAR/Surface User Survey

by Timo Proescholdt -

Dear OSCAR community,

the OSCAR/Surface User Survey will still be open until mid May. If you have not yet filled it out, please consider share your views on OSCAR. So far 59 Members of the community have provied feedback. Please participante to get over the magic number 100!

You will find the links to the survey in all WMO languages in the post above.

Thank you