Announcements, news and moodle forums

Announcements, news and moodle forums

by Timo Proescholdt -
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Dear OSCAR Users,

as you have probably noticed, we are now using moodle and the forums for sending announcements and updates.

We have registered all OSCAR/Surface National Focal Points, training participants and other interested users in the forum and you are subscribed to the "Announcements" and "Discussion Forum (En)". We will be using the "Announcements" Forum only for official announcements such as webinars, new features or training courses, while the "Discussion Forums (En,Fr,Es)" are open to everyone. 
Should you not want to be notified by email of a new posting, you can unsubscribe from "Discussion Forum", if you do not want to be notified of new postings there. For this you need to logon to moodle using your email as username and change your subscription settings in the forum.

Please let us know if you would like your colleagues to be subscribed so that they also receive all the information, as we will be using mainly the forums for communication.