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The European view on a marketplace

The European view on a marketplace

by Heleen ter Pelkwijk -
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Yesterday we had a short discussion about the marketplace. I felt that there was a little discomfort with the term marketplace certainly after the word commercial sector dropped. So I think it is time to explain properly what we associate with this word and what we are planning to create in this regard within Europe. I hope that it may be an inspiration for you as the WMO training community too.

Within Europe we are working together in EUMETNET. EUMETNET has been established so that the national weather services within Europe can be as efficient and effective as possible. The Working Group on Education and Training (WGET) advices the Scientific Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) on the future of education and training within Europe. 

At this moment we are planning for the new EUMETNET project phase starting in 2019. For these plans the WGET sat together 4 times over a period of 2 years to find out what the training community (we) needed to be more efficient and effective in the area of education and training. We found that the marketplace word was a booming word within STAC and the EUMETNET Assembly environment at this moment. That is why we named this entity we developed for the plan "a marketplace" but it could have been "an education and training coordinator" or "spider in the web" too.  

In March I recorded a presentation for the STAC to explain our thoughts (WGET) around the concept marketplace. Here it is! https://www.dropbox.com/s/1fhszxbv95u8er7/WGET_STAC_March2017_For_SYMET.ppsx?dl=0

Please have a look and it would be very good to hear what you are thinking about this plan too ;-)