Using Wiki for learning and assessment


1. Why using Wiki?

A Wiki is a collaboratively created and edited document. It is an easy way for creating content as a group. The best known example of a wiki is Wikipedia.

You can use a Wiki every time you wish your students to produce something together, but also create a personal wiki where each student can share their production with the teacher. 

It might be a production of their own, for example a forecast they issued together with a set of images you provided to them in a folder.

They can also share notes they took during a lecture or a reading, so that they compliment each other and decide collaboratively what is important and what is not.

A wiki can also be used for brainstorming, or to help with group project management. It can give a group their own space to record research, to develop outlines and to create the final product.

When it comes to assessment, a wiki can be assessed as any other form of text-based content. As there is no built-in grading facilities in Wiki activity, you should add it manually to the course grade book. 

You can use the history tab of the Wiki to check participation.

How to set up a Wiki?

Setting up a Wiki has been treated in Book Collaborative writing using Wiki of Unit 2.