3. Communication guidance

The self-directed edition of the course is meant for individual study. Furthermore, as the course is offered all year long there is no one cohort you will be taking course with. Moodle is a very popular tool world-wide. There are many online communities you can access that discuss Moodle related topics. 

The Moodle community is large and active. If you browse their forums, you are likely to find an answer for your question. If not, the members should reply rather promptly. As you become a part of it, you may also enjoy supporting others. Problem solving is a challenging way to learn. 


CALMet Commons is a community focused on training of meteorology, hydrology and related sciences. Moodle is one of the tools commonly used by the members. Browse articles related to Moodle, or ask questions through the Forum/Q&A and connect to professionals that use Moodle with similar purpose. 


For technical questions, use the Forum in the Start page

Lastly, the communication from you we are looking forward to is the course evaluation. Fill in the Evaluation form and help us to improve this course.