1. How to approach this course?

The Moodle Course for Meteorology Trainers is designed primarily to be self-directed, which means that learners can access it at any time and follow it in order they wish. The Moodle Course has a modular structure.

Moodle can be used for different purposes by individuals with different roles.The first edition of the Moodle Course addresses primarily teachers. However editions for other roles, like technical support, administrative and managerial staff are foreseen in near future.

The edition of the course foreseen for teachers is divided in five Units. Each of the Units explores different training areas, like for example practice, assessment, evaluation.The Units will be released at different times, thus not all of them are available yet. The sequence of the Units reflects the course design and delivery process to some extend. For this reason it may be advantageous to follow the sequence starting from Unit 1 and finishing with Unit 5. However because the course is self-directed the choice relies on the participant. Each Unit is composed with Sections that address a specific skill in a certain training area. 

Example ways to approach this course:

  • Browse a Unit and find a section most relevant to your current work. For example, you are preparing a course in Moodle for the first time and you would like to make the course interface friendly and easy to read for the users. Go to Unit 1 and browse the section about "Design a clear course structure". If you decide to take a Quiz related to that section, you will complete one item required for a Unit 1 badge. 
  • Improve your skills in certain Moodle area. For example, you would like your courses to get more practical but you need a hint where to start. Take the entire Unit 4 to get more complete overview on ways to implement practice in Moodle. After completing all Quizzes in Unit 4, you will receive a badge for it.
  • Improve your skills in various Moodle areas. Take the whole course with the pace and sequence most suitable for you. If you take all the Quizzes in all Units, you will receive all six badges and consequently a course certificate.