4. Assessment guidance


In the self-directed edition of this course, you are asked to self-assess the results of your practical exercises. You can compare your results with the instructions and with the examples. 

Quizzes for each Section

Each Section in a Unit is concluded with a Quiz. The Quiz addresses only the skills practiced in that particular Section and the content is covered in one of the Lessons. The Quiz can be taken multiple times. In case you do not succeed first time, feel free to go back to Lessons of that Section. The Quiz is considered successfully completed with 80% score. Quiz questions are in different formats, multiple-choice or multiple-response, true/false and matching. Depending on the question, there might be one or more correct answers. This is indicated in the text of the question.

Integration of your skills

A recommended way of assessing your skills is to practice integrating them in the real project. Are you working on preparing a Moodle course at the moment? Try to apply what you learned in this current project. 

Community of practice

In case self-assessment is not satisfactory for you, you may always ask your peers in one of the communities to review your work. The community members can also suggest alternative approaches.

Moodle community: https://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=5
CALMet Commons: http://www.calmet.org/


You can obtain a badge for each Unit after successfully completed all the Quizzes and seeing all the Lessons. Your progress towards the badge is indicated in the Course completion block. Read more about badges.


A course certificate of attendance is granted after having completed all the Units in the teacher path. In practice this means that after collecting all five badges you will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance.