2. Where to practice?

Your own Moodle website

The best place for practice is your own installation of Moodle. Ask your Moodle administrator to create a practice environment. You will need teacher rights to be able to practice. In case your organization does not have Moodle available yet, you may use other solutions like setting up account with MoodleCloud, installing Local Moodle on your own computer or using the Moodle demo server.


In five steps you can create your own Moodle site for free https://moodlecloud.com/en/signup

  •     50 users maximum.
  •     200Mb disk space
  •     Core themes and plugins only
  •     One site per phone number

Note that there are some limitations and ads for this free service but it is a great option for practicing.You can find more information at https://moodle.com/cloud/

Local Moodle

If you have not done it yet, download the set up package of Moodle and install it on your computer. We are using the version 2.6 of Moodle, however you may like to install the most recent release.

Instructions and download of Moodle installation package for Windows environments: https://download.moodle.org/windows/

Instructions and download of Moodle installation package for Mac environments: https://download.moodle.org/macosx/

And if you are using Linux, please check this installation link: https://docs.moodle.org/27/en/Unix_or_Linux_Installation

Please read carefully the instructions available on the website before installing.

Moodle demo server

In case you prefer not to install Moodle locally, please use the Moodle demo server to practice. This is the least recommended option, due to the fact that the demo courses are cleaned every hour. That means that the activities are deleted. Thus the demo server is a good place to check different settings, but not to build and save activity. See the instructions about how to use the Moodle demo server on the Moodle sandbox website: http://demo.moodle.net