4. Practice

1. Disable the Grades link for Students

Imagine that in your course there are success measures other than grades, like the quality of contributions to the course Forums or completion of non-graded activities. You likely will not make use of the Gradebook for these and that is why you wouldn't like students to see a link to it. Follow instructions included in this Lesson to disable the view of Gradebook to Students.

2. Switch on Completion tracking for your Course

You may like to monitor the progress of  students use of the resources, but only the required ones. To indicate what resources are required, you would like to set the Completion tracking for the selected ones. You need to start by enabling Completion tracking in your course. Read the instructions included in this Lesson and switch on the Completion tracking in your Practice course. Then, add a new Resource and set its Completion tracking settings. Add an Activity and do the same.