1. Introduction

There is a dedicated unit in this course focused on the use of Moodle for learning assessment. This lesson will introduce some of the key areas you should keep in mind related to learning assessment when planning the course environment. We will not get into details how to set various assessment activities but rather help you plan the overall learning assessment strategy and how you will present this strategy to the participant using the Moodle interface.

First, consider that assessment, including self-assessment, peer assessment, formative and summative assessment, is an essential element of the learning experience. One of the instructors' tasks is to help learners see how they are progressing towards the course objectives. Clear assessment criteria is important for both learners and instructors to check progress. The assessment criteria should be established and communicated to the learners upfront. A common place to describe the assessment criteria is the Course Guide. Check the Lesson 1.3.4 for more information about how to create an effective a Course Guide. 

In addition Moodle offers other options that communicate assessment criteria, such as Grades and Rubrics, and that display updated information about progress and achievements, such as Course completion, Activity Completion tracking and the Quiz Results block. Learn more about these Moodle features in the next pages of this Lesson.