Using workshop for peer assessment


What is Workshop Activity in Moodle?

Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. Students submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other students which they must assess according to the teacher's specifications. 

The teacher can decide whether to show or hide the identities of the students from each other when assessing is taking place.

The main idea of the workshop activity is to let students submit their work during submission phase, then assess others' work during the assessment phase. Afterwards there is a evaluation of the grading by students workshop done by facilitators. Depending on the chosen set up, they can decide to keep a mean of the given grades, change the result, or assess themselves and mix all results. 

Students can also get a grade about the grading they did during the workshop activity.

More information on setting up the workshop activity can be read on Moodledocs website

Why to use the workshop activity

Peer assessment is an other way of learning, because students become more conscious of the grading criteria and they see the learning content from another point of view.

For example, you could use a workshop activity to have students produce a TAF message and have others correct it and explain their grading.

More information on using workshop is available on Moodle docs Workshop webpage.