2.2.4 Displaying resources - Appearance


1. Introduction

When adding resources to the course, you have an option to select how they will appear to the learner, or rather how they will be displayed. In the Appearance section of any resource Settings you can find the options:

  • Automatic - the best display option for the file type is selected automatically
  • Embed - the file is displayed within the page below the navigation bar together with the file description and any blocks
  • Force download - the user is prompted to download the file
  • Open - only the file is displayed in the browser window
  • In pop-up - the file is displayed in a new browser window without menus or an address bar
  • In frame - the file is displayed within a frame below the navigation bar and file description
  • New window - the file is displayed in a new browser window with menus and an address bar

The Appearance setting, together with the file type and whether the browser allows embedding, determines how the file is displayed. Note that the list of available to you options may be shorter depending on what your Moodle Administrator has enabled. 

It may seem like a cosmetic issue, but the look & feel of the website is an important aspect of the usability. Moreover, learners may meet technical limitations when trying to view the resource if the settings are selected randomly.

In the same Appearance section, you may choose to display resource's SizeType and Description. Making these details available can help learners judge if they want to view the resource.

The next pages of this lesson will advise you what to consider when deciding about the resources appearance.