2.2.3 Linking to resources

In order to link to external or internal resources, students and instructors can create hypertext links anywhere they see a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Editor in Moodle. Instructors can also add a URL resource to a Moodle course page. This Book explains how to create both kinds of links.

1. Introduction

Teachers can add a URL Resource to a Moodle course page or create a link within text (hyperlink) anywhere the HTML Editor appears in Moodle, like ForumsLabelsPagesActivity descriptions, etc. This enables a teacher to provide a web link as a course resource, which can be anything freely available online, such as documents or images. Many teachers use this method to link to Resources or Activities already in a course or available outside of the course on web pages. For example, if you were asking students to submit a written response to a reading, you could post the reading as a File resource on the course page, then, in the description for the Assignment activity, also provide a hyperlink to that file.

Teachers can track whether URL Resources have been clicked by students. However, hypertext links added with the HTML Editor cannot be tracked, and will not show as Resources in the Activities block.