2.1.4 Create a Label


1. Introduction

Labels are just extracts of text, images and multimedia that you may want to add to a Section in the Course homepage. In Unit 1 you were presented with a few ideas about using Labels to help structuring the course, but you can use Labels to aid the organization and presentation of content too. They are best kept short so they don’t take up too much space in the Course homepage, but can still be useful to improve the appearance and clarity of instruction.

In this context, Labels are most useful to:

◦       Split up a long list of activities with a subheading or an image

◦       Display an embedded sound file or video directly on the course page

◦       Add small amounts of instructional text to a course section

For longer amounts of information, it is advisable that you add a Page instead. This is covered in lesson 2.1.2 Create a Page.