2.1.3 Create a Lesson


1. Introduction

Lesson is an activity that allows engaging the students in various ways and with different purposes. It can be a good tool for creating individualized or sequenced learning pathways and be used as a scaffolding activity. As such, it is a very flexible tool for teachers.

However in this context we will focus on such applications of the Lesson activity, which can best support the delivery of courses for professional development in the domain of hydro-meteorology.

Technically the Lesson consists of pages (see "Page activity") which may have content for the students to read or questions for them to answer.

In terms the Lesson can:

  • Provide content 
  • Provide content in conjunction with practice and or assessment
  • Allow students to process information at their own pace

You need to have a clear idea beforehand of what you want to do with this lesson. Is it to be a graded, linear learning experience? Or an ungraded, non-linear practice session? Will students be able to go back and revisit areas or is it just a once-only opportunity?