1.4.2 Using Groups


4. Practice

Go to your practice area available to you and:

1. Create 4 test users, User-1, User-2, User-3, and User-4

2. Enrol these 4 test users in your test course

3. Create 2 Groups in your test course, Group-A and Group-B 

4. Add User-1 and User-2 into the Group-A

5. Add User-3 and User-4 into the Group-B

6. Create a Forum in your test course

7. From the setting of your Forum, set the Group mode to Visible groups

8. Login as User-1, go to the Forum, choose Group-A from drop-down list, add a new topic, and send a test message

9. Logout and login as User-2 and go to the Forum

10. You should be able to see the test message sent by User-1 as you are in the same group, and reply to that message

11. Logout and login as User-3 and go to the Forum, chose Group-A from drop-down list

12. You should still be able to see the message sent by User-1, as the group mode is set to Visible groups, however you should NOT be able to post or reply in the Group-A. Because as User-3, you are not member of Group-A.

13. Chose Group-B from drop-down list

14. You should be able to add a new topic, and send a test message as you are a member of Group-B as User-3

15. You can also practice Separate groups by logging in as admin and changing the Forum settings to Separate groups

16. When you out as admin and login as User-1 or User-2, you should not be able to see Group-B as these users are not member of Group-B and the Group mode is set to Separate groups

17. It should be the same for User-3 and User-4, and when you logged in as these users you should not be able to see Group-A