1.4.2 Using Groups


2. Example

Below is an example of the Groups in Moodle. In the example there are 7 groups as listed and e.g. "Trainers Group (3)" has 5 members.

The screenshot  below is from a Forum activity. We can see that this Forum is created for groups to share their work and get peer assessment. As the settings of the Forum are set to Visible groups, all groups can see other groups but cannot post in their group discussions. The Group column shows which group name for each discussion. When a user clicks a discussion he/she can still see the posts, however cannot post or reply if he/she is not in that particular group. In order to post in the discussions, the member/user/participant should choose his/her group from the drop-down list first. Please note that if this was set to Separate groups, users would see only their groups and the Forum activity would work like a separate Forum for each group.

Below you see a screen shot for a "Trainer Group (2)".