1.3.3 Provide online learning guidance


1. Online Learning Guidance

Studying can be a lot more enjoyable when learners take time to think about ways they learn effectively. Providing learning guidance helps learners in this exact task – taking time to think about the learning journey they are about to start.

Educators and course providers have a duty of care to make sure that learners can make the most out of their learning experiences. This is no different when the learning experience takes place online. Even though learners’ experiences in the use of digital environments are increasing fast, these do not translate into being experienced learners in a digital environment. Yes, knowing how to use the technology involved in the course is important to successfully complete a course online, but what else could help?

The following are suggestions of topics to consider when writing guidance for online learning. As always, there is no “one solution fits all”. The best approach would be to consider the level of experience your learners have as attendees of online training, and the kind of skills they will need in order to perform well in the course you have designed.