Step 1. Understand New Services

Step 1: Understand New Services

Step 1. Understand New Services 
Step 2. Assess Current Service
Step 3. Identify Resource Needs
Step 4. Develop an Implementation Plan
Step 5. Secure Support and Funding 
Steps 6-7. Execute, Evaluate, and Maintain

Given that the CAP Basics course is a prerequisite for this course, you’ve already begun this step. We won’t go over CAP and the benefits of its use here since you should already be familiar with it from the CAP Basics course. From a project management perspective, it is important to note that the more you know about the functions and requirements of the new service, the better equipped you’ll be to implement it. If you need to refresh your knowledge of CAP, be sure to go back and review the CAP Basics course.

The following document will add to your understanding of CAP and will be especially helpful in preparing to implement CAP alerts. It provides a suggested course of actions to take for implementing a CAP-based alerting system. In doing so, it reviews the functional components of a CAP-based alerting system. A basic understanding of CAP combined with the information provided in this document will prove very useful when drafting your implementation plan.