Setup your profile

We would like to know a little about you to help us plan this course to meet your needs. The other participants in the course would also appreciate knowing about you as one of their fellow students.

Please fill in your profile on this course site to help us learn about you and your work.


1. Click "Profile" in the "Administration" section on the left side of the main page of this course site.
2. Click the "Edit Profile" tab along the top row, or click on the Link below:

3. Fill in some information about yourself. This could include:

  • Where you work, including your country and organization
  • Your current position and your key responsibilities
  • Your background and experience with meteorological or hydrologic forecasting
  • How the course objectives appear to meet your professional needs. What do you hope to gain from the course

4. Also, please upload a small photo of yourself.

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