Course Guide

A few notes before you delve into the course. In order to receive a certificate of completion for the course, you will need to access and read the various resources and participate in the required activities.

How to Recognize Required Activities

All required components of the course are recognizable by the checkbox located on the right side of the items label. In this screenshot of the course site, take note of the two items listed.

Required course components

Both items are required, as they both have a checkbox. The Lesson 1 checkbox is checked, indicating that the activity was completed. The second item, Anatomy of a CAP Alert Quiz, is not checked, indicating that it still needs to be completed. 

Types of Activities

Each activity is represented by an icon:

forum icon  Forum: for posting information, questions, and conducting asynchronous online discussions. 

page icon  Page: one page reading activity

book iconBook: multi-page reading activity

Quiz icon

  Quiz: a series of scored questions

The following icons represent downloadable files:

pdf iconDownloadable PDF file

word iconDownloadable Microsoft Word file

Navigating the Course Site

There are two main areas for reliably navigating this course site:

1. The navigation links near the top of the page

Screenshot nav

Clicking the link "Issuing CAP Alerts" will always return you to the main course page.

2. When on an activity page, locate links along the bottom of the page and a "Jump to..." menu. The links go to the previous and next activity. The "Jump to..." menu lists all activities in the course; selecting one will link to that activity.

Activity links

Jump menu

It is recommended to access the activities from the main course page and to complete each activity in the order they are listed.

Navigating within a Book

When reading a Book activity, use the arrows or Table of Content links to move between the Book's pages.

Book navigation

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