List of Action Items

Here's a consolidated list of the iconAction Items presented in the course. These activities provide much of the information you'll need to develop an effective implementation plan.

Action Item: Review WMO-No. 1109 Guidelines for Implementation of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)-Enabled Emergency Alerting

This document provides a suggested course of action for implementing CAP alerts. Use it as a reference as you draft your own implementation plan.

 WMO No. 1109 Guidelines for Implementation of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)-Enabled Emergency AlertingFile  3.6MB PDF document

Action Item: Educate Key Staff

Assign information technology (IT) staff to review the CAP Basics course and the resources available in Advanced CAP Concepts and Customization Resources. IT’s understanding of the technology used for CAP alert systems will be helpful when formulating your implementation plan.

Action Item: "Introduction to CAP" Presentation

Create a 5-8 slide presentation introducing CAP to your staff. This exercise will help you review what you learned in the CAP Basics Course while also providing a tool to share your knowledge and plans for implementing a CAP-based alert feed.

Action Item: Current Services Diagram

Create a diagram of your current alerting process. Include all components (processes, tools, systems, personnel, media venues, target audience) of your alerting system.

Action Item: Integrated CAP Diagram

Using the diagram of your current alerting processes as the basis, modify it to integrate CAP-related tools and processes. Review the diagram with key IT and operational staff.

Action Item: Table of Needs

Create a table or spreadsheet listing each of your primary resource needs, a description of the need, who (or what department) to contact for more information, any references or resources.

Action Item: Task List

Based on your Table of Needs, identify the main tasks that will need to get accomplished. For each task:

      • Describe what the task will accomplish
      • Resources needed to accomplish the task
      • Person responsible for the task
      • Estimated timeframe
      • Criteria for completion

Action Item: Draft an Implementation Plan

Write an Implementation Plan based on the information you’ve collected and the resource needs that you’ve identified. Here's a sample outline for an implementation plan. Modify it based on your organization's project planning processes. 

 Implementation Plan Template File 20.5KB Word 2007 document

Action Item: Estimate Implementation Costs 

Depending on your organization, you may want to develop a budget for implementing CAP and include it when sharing your implementation plan with your administrators. 

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