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Radiosonde expected soundings

Radiosonde expected soundings

by Nina Elisabeth Larsgard -
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I am trying to fix two of our radiosonde stations in OSCAR so that they show up correctly in the WDQMS tool. But I am not sure where or how to do this.

In General all our radiosonde stations have 2 expected soundings each day, which I think was the standard when these stations where imported into OSCAR. However, two of our radiosonde stations do not operate with 2 expected soundings per day:

NY-Alesund (0-20001-0-01004) has only one sounding each day

and Oslo-Blindern(1492-1) (0-20001-0-01492) will only make soundings sporadically, that is only when our forecasters in Oslo needs one. 

For Ny-Alesund I am guessing that I have to change the Reporting information (under deployment/data generation), more specifically to "1 d (day)" Is this correct?

But what to I do with Oslo-Blindern that only make sporadic soundings?

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Re: Radiosonde expected soundings

by Timo Proescholdt -

Hi Nina,

for OSLO you can set the reporting interval to 1d, for the moment, while we are working on better guidelines about OSCAR schedules.

We do not have a concept how to address ad-hoc only stations like NY in WDQMS at this moment.

Thinking out loud here.. As no observations are expected from such a station, it should not be shown in black, orange or red, and probably neither in green. Whenever an observation is made, the station should be shown pink? When no observations were made, it should not be on the map at all.
To achieve this the best is probably to set an impossible schedule that never makes WDQMS expect an observation, but also prevents it from assigning a default schedule. When an observation is made it would be shown pink. Or perhaps we should have a flag that can indicate sporadic observations.
We will discuss this case in our guidance on schedules and come back to you in this place.

What do you think?


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Re: Radiosonde expected soundings

by Nina Elisabeth Larsgard -

Hi Timo

Thank you for your reply.

I have updated the first one with 1d. I can probably set it to 1 year for the other one, as it should make an observation at least once a year. This might be the best solution now, but it would be nice to have some sort of flag to indicate sporadic observations. That is what I was looking for anyways. But with good guidance the solution with the 'Impossible schedule' might be good enough.