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Upper air observation stations

Upper air observation stations

by Ohmar Thein -
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Dear all,

In previous time we had 5 upper air observation stations, now they are not in operational use. So we declared that these stations are not in service ( inactive) in Oscar/Surface for respective variables. Currently we have no upper air observation stations. However these 5 stations are used as surface observation stations.

In WDQMS web tool Upper Air Stations for my country show black circles (not received in period). Is it right to mention for my country?




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Re: Upper air observation stations

by zulkarnain zulkarnain -
Dear Ohmar,

I understand that Timo has responded to your question. I have asked Timo's permission to repost the answers to your questions here as a reference for other colleagues.

"The best way to deactivate the upper-air component of a station which makes both surface and upper-air observations is to put an end-date to the deployments of the upper-air observations. This is, you would set the “date to” of the deployment of the “pressure profile” observations (and same for wind, temperature and humidity).

In this way you do not have to deactivate the whole station.

In this way the stations will no longer be tracked in WDQMS as black.

I understand you already set the variables to “inactive” for the corresponding variables? Did you use the “instrument operating status” for this? Currently WDQMS does not consider this flag in OSCAR, but it will do so next month.

Kind regards,


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Re: Upper air observation stations

by Ohmar Thein -

Dear Zulkarnain,

Yes, Timo already replied to my question. Thank you for your sharing Timo's answer to discussion forum for our reference.

Best regards,