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Updating OSCAR/Surface

Updating OSCAR/Surface

by José Mauro Rezende -
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Just to register here that, with the total support from Timo, I was able to updade 127 of our stations in OSCAR which did not have WIGOS ID.

Timo provided us a Python program which take the information out of a csv file and update the data base. First we used the development data base and finally yesterday we applied it to the offcial OSCAR data base.

Thank you Timo.

José Mauro


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Re: Updating OSCAR/Surface

by Ever Daniel Barreto Rojas -

congrats Jose Mauro!

any chance we can have access to the Python script you guys used?

Thank you!

Ever Daniel / Paraguay

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Re: Updating OSCAR/Surface

by Timo Proescholdt -
Estimado Ever Daniel,

the code developed together with Jose Mauro can be found here. It is part of a series of demo-code I have provided to support Members with updating OSCAR/Surface, as part of a series of webinars on the API.

Please note that this code is provided as way of example for education purposes, and may need adjustment for your situation. You also need to setup a python environment with jupyter notebooks to run the code, so someone with a degree of knowledge in python is needed. Check the webinar on the API for details on how to setup the environment.
Do not hesitate to be in touch if you need help!

While the oscar_lib has now been used by different Members to update OSCAR/Surface, it is still in beta state. We recommend to do like Jose Mauro and test changes in OSCAR depl before applying them to production.