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Close network affiliation of a station

Close network affiliation of a station

by Silke ADLER -
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 Dear all,

We closed the station FREISTADT 0-20000-0-11015 in Austria and I wanted to change the reporting status to “closed”. So I gave a begin date and an end date to the GOS Program where the station was operational. When I tried to add the GOS program to program/network affiliations with the status closed and the date, it was not possible to choose the GOS program. Only GOS surface networks, GOS Other elements, GOS Contributing networks were available for selection. GOS was highlighted in gray.

 So should I select GOS surface network as program where the status is closed?

Best regards!


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Re: Close network affiliation of a station

by Lucia Cappelletti -

Dear Silke

To close the GOS affiliation you don't need to add the GOS entry again. You should just add the status "closed" to the existing affiliation.

To do so click on the "edit" icon by the GOS affiliation and on the "add status" button (see attachment).

If the whole station is closed do not forget to fill out the "date closed" field at the top of the station form.

I hope it helps


Attachment close_GOS.png