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instrument operational status

instrument operational status

от Ohmar Thein -
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Dear all,

Let me know how can I declare in OSCAR/Surface.

In my country there were five radiosonde stations. Unfortunately radiosonde instruments at these stations are not in service. However surface observation is being made at these stations. Let me know how can I declare in OSCAR/Surface.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Re: instrument operational status

от Timo Proescholdt -

Dear Ohmar,

you can set the operating status of the instrument under "deployment" for those variables (observations) corresponding to the radiosonde (temp, humidity,wind and pressure profiles), as can be seen in the attachment.

Note that you may also want to put an end date to the "date to" of the corresponding deployments to indicate that no such observations are currently made.  This is especially true if the measurements are expected to cease for a longer time. In this case you should do the following two steps:

1) put an end date to the existing deployments. The end date should be the day before the date you longer made the measurements. 

2) add a new deployment with "from date" of the day when you stopped measurements and set the instrument operating status to "inactive".

I hope this helps!


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