Pre-operational launch of the WDQMS Webtool

Pre-operational launch of the WDQMS Webtool

by Timo Proescholdt -
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Dear OSCAR community,

WMO launched the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring (WDQMS) Webtool ( in pre-operational mode on December 3rd 2019.

The tool is a cornerstone of WMO's strategy to strengthen the monitoring of the WIGOS component observing systems as WMO implements the Global Basic Observing Network and is hosted by ECMWF.

The tool monitors the availability and quality of observational data based on monitoring information from the WIGOS Monitoring Centers (currently, four participating global Numerical Weather Prediction Centers). The tool links availability and quality of surface-based observational data from these centers with the metadata from OSCAR/Surface, providing information on station issues to Members and Regional WIGOS Centers (RWCs) for follow up.

We hope that this tool will be helpful for OSCAR/Surface National Focal Points and network managers in identifying issues with data that is shared internationally, as the tool allows you to see which data is actually received at NWP centers.
Since the baseline for the coloring of the dots is information in OSCAR/Surface, the tool is also helpful in identifying metadata issues in OSCAR/Surface.

The WDQMS quick-start document has more details on the functioning of the tool and its relation to OSCAR/Surface.

best regards,

WIGOS Project Office