by Luis Filipe NUNES -
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Welcome to the OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal on the WMO Moodle site.

This is the new global online course for OSCAR/Surface, following the previous set of "Regional online courses" developed in Moodle, which were merged/re-structure into this "OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal". The participants to the Regional courses have all been registered in this new portal, e.g. all the participants previously registered at the "OSCAR/Surface Training Course for RA VI" are also now registered at the "OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal".

This learning Portal is open to everyone, without the need to be registered nor to login with a username/password, except for using the Forums. It contains all the existing materials on OSCAR/Surface (presentations, videos, etc) and is organized in various sections:
 - the first section contains the Announcements and the Forums; Currently, there are Forums for English, for Spanish and for French speakers, which are only accessible to registered participants (via login with username/password).
 - the following sections contain the learning material delivered at each of the various regional training courses (three special events were held so far: RA VI, RA III and RA IV);
 - the last section contains links to reference material, such as Manuals and Guides.

The contents of the Forum under the "OSCAR/Surface Training Course for RA-VI" have also been copied into the English Forum under the global portal. Please be informed that the "Regional courses" will be closed by the end of June 2018 - from the 1st of July 2018 only the new global course (OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal) will be available online. Participants to the "RA VI course" may continue to post questions and comments there until the end of June (they will be copied to the global one), but you are encouraged to start using the new portal from this very moment, in order to allow sharing your challenges and experiences with participants from other WMO Regions. Furthermore, please be informed that you can read any of the Forums (English, Spanish, French) and you can publish your posts using the Forum(s) in the language(s) you are more familiar with.

The portal is still in its early stage, so more and updated materials are expected to be made available in the near future, as contributions from various experts and organizations will continue.

Finally, your feedback to this new OSCAR/Surface Resources Portal, with suggestions on how to improve the online course and its materials are very much welcome.

Looking forward to continue working with you all.

Thank you!