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Soil temperatures

Soil temperatures

by Stuart Thompson -
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The UK climate network currently has soil thermisters at depths of 10cm, 30cm and 100 cm. Currently the OSCAR database only has the option to indicate a site has soil temperatures, not how deep they are. Is there or could an option be added to input up to 3 depths per site?


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Re: Soil temperatures

by Robert TOTH -

Dear Colleagues,

Since we in Hungary have 5 depths per site an option to be added should contain at least 5 depths.

Many thanks,



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Re: Soil temperatures

by Lucia Cappelletti -

Dear Stuart and Robert

You can indicate the depth using the "distance from reference surface" field available in the instrument form (data series--> deployment--> instrument). Negative distances can be specified.  Do not forget to indicate the "type of reference surface" in the following field.

If for each depth a different instrument instance (manufacturer, model and serial number) is used please add as many deployments as needed and feel in the corresponding "distance from reference surface" and "type of reference surface". 

If the same instrument instance (manufacturer, model and serial number) is used for different depths please indicate one depth in the "distance from reference surface" field and the others in the "comment" field (available at the bottom of the instrument form).  

In the future OSCAR/Surface will allow to specify more than one height (or depth) for an instrument instance.



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Re: Soil temperatures

by Jean-Pierre AUBAGNAC -

I tried to use Lucia's tip, but do not find a 'distance from reference surface field' for an 'instrument' in a 'deployment' (related to a data series for a given parameter).
Maybe this is not already implemented in the online OSCAR UI (Lucia mentions a form) ?

This could be very useful, for soil T or T at non standard heights, but also for the altitude at which pressured is measured. I have not found where this P altitude should be inserted, so I insert it in OSCAR as a comment, which is not very satisfactory.

Any idea anyone ?

All the best from Toulouse
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Re: Soil temperatures

by Rainer MAERZ -

Dear Jean-Pierre and all other colleagues,

the Elevation of the pressure sensor is 'hidden' within the pressure measurement deep in the deployment (Instrument).

This is the value that comes with the legacy report every night and can be found in the download area.

below I took an example (Hahn WIGOS-ID 0-20000-0-10616) and copied parts of the Contents with the Elevation.

Still many stations around the world either miss Station or pressure Elevation but this is part of the process to complete and improve OSCAR's content.

hope this helps a bit,

best regards


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