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Simulators and conceptual models

Simulators and conceptual models

by Mark Higgins -
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Team Argentina mentioned the simulators and conceptual models in their presentation. 

For those who are interested here are a couple of links to some European resources on sims and conceptual models. 

There are some examples of simulations available at: http://ianmillstraining.co.uk/latest/ This particular simulator engine was based completely on Heleen's work at KNMI. The UK have also been working to make a moodle version. There is also a nice sim at http://eumetrain.org/simulators/FlashFloodSimulator/index.html. 

The European library of conceptual models is available  at http://eumetrain.org/satmanu/index_conc.html A copy of the southern hemisphere models is also hosted on the same site. 

From my perspective I think Argentina presents one of the best integrated use of these kinds of resources I have seem - thank you for sharing!



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Re: Simulators and conceptual models

by Heleen ter Pelkwijk -

Ha All,

This post contains a link to a simulator that is ready to adapt to your own situation and use for your own training programme. This simulator is programmed in HTML with PHP, so you need to have a little programming knowledge to be able to work with it and prepare it for your own situation. 

You are allowed to use this simulator for your training. When you decide to improve this simulator for your own good and make it working even better than it already does than please deliver the improved version back to society so that we all have advantage from it. 

After unwrapping the zip-file you will find an install.pdf in resource/wiki and an info.pdf with an explanation of the different parts of this simulator. The data/VHmet file contains a couple of pictures so you can to see how the simulator works. 

We hope to hear back your stories regarding your training and assessment with the help of a simulator.

Have Fun!