3.1.2 Subscription settings: Optional, Auto, Forced, Disabled

Subscription settings: Optional, Auto, Forced, Disabled

4. Practice

Now go to your own practice area and try changing subscription settings while creating a forum. (For help see the front page of this unit.)

If you need assistance using Moodle Demo please check out the instructions on this Unit front page

1. Click the Turn editing on button at the top right of the course page.

2. Click  Add an activity or resource link, then in the activity chooser select Forum and click the Add button.

3. Enter the name and some description (hint: think about something you are working on now).

4. Go to Subscription and tracking and choose subscription mode  e.g. forced subscription. 

5. In Read tracking leave optional to let participants track read and unread posts in the forum and in discussions.

6. Click Save and display.