Step 2: Assess Current Services

1. Understand New Services
2. Assess Current Services
3. Identify Resource Needs
4. Develop an Implementation Plan
5. Secure Support and Funding 
6-7. Execute, Evaluate, and Maintain

In order to best plan how to integrate CAP, you’ll want to assess current service capabilities in the context of offering CAP alerts. If you are currently issuing alerts, review your current processes, tools, personnel, and training. Consult with management, legal, IT and other staff in order to get a complete picture of your current alerting services and protocols.

If you currently are not issuing alerts, you'll need to develop the processes and protocols related to issuing alerts. Those can vary widely, depending on many factors such as your organization's responsibilities, local and national laws. While this course is targeted at organizations that are already issuing alerts, you could use this as an opportunity to develop a CAP alert demonstration project. The larger task of implementing a complete alerting process and protocols could follow.