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  • Online Week 1: Reconnecting

    Welcome to the WMO Marine Services Course Phase-II. In this follow-up to the WMO Marine Services Course Phase-I you will have an opportunity to:

      • Revisit your Service Delivery Context Analysis and share progress made towards improving services. 
      • Participate in forecasting skills workshops.
      • Practice communication skills.  
      • Explore WMO and regional initiatives related to Marine Services including impact-based forecasting (IBF), disaster risk reduction (DRR), DELF-FEWS coastal inundation model and 3DPAWS observational network.    
      • Expand networking opportunities in the marine services community, including enhanced connections with METAREA coordinators.  

    This blended course has two components and formats. For the first 4 weeks, you will be interacting online and enhancing your understanding of forecast knowledge and skills through self-directed training modules. This online training prepares you for our face-to-face classroom time. There you will engage in interactive sessions that include communication role play, guided discussions, self assessments, development of forecasting products and applying forecasting skills through interactive case studies. A primary take-away will be a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with specific actions for follow-up to continue developing your forecasting competencies. There will be time for self reflection and updating of the plan throughout the course.

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  • Online Weeks 2-4: Forecast Training Preparation

    When you get to the classroom site, we want to make sure you are ready to tackle some marine forecasting challenges. Much of the face-to-face time will be spent with you in forecaster mode. We will have daily forecast briefings and several in-depth, interactive case studies that will challenge your marine forecasting skills. 

    In order to get everyone at the same level of knowledge to tackle these case studies, we are requiring that you complete several online, self-directed training modules. These will provide the background knowledge needed to effectively address the cases' forecast challenges. 
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  • Welcome to Cape Town

    SAWS Logo

    Welcome to Cape Town and SAWS

    Today you will put faces to names, share your experiences working for improved marine services, start critically assessing your own forecasting competencies and talk with some of the folks that rely on marine forecasts.

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