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  • Banner montage of sample sectors, health, agriculture and water, along with examples of relevant Climpact indices.

    Course Description

    How to Take This Course

    Welcome to the course  Introduction to Climpact: Generating Climate Indices to Support Climate Services.

    This course explores how to generate sector-specific climate information relevant for climate-sensitive sectors through the use of an open-source software package called Climpact. Approximate time to complete: 3 to 3.5 hours.

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    • Module 1: Introduction (~13 min)

    • Module 2: Key Concepts for Analysis of Climate Extremes (~16 min)

    • Module 3: Select Complete & Continuous Data (~15 min)

    • Module 4: Load Data and Run Quality Control (~25 min)

    • Module 5: Calculate Climate Indices (~20 min)

    • Module 6: Analyze Trends (~25 min)

    • Module 7: Calculate Correlations with Sectoral Data (~47 min)

    • Module 8: Communicate Indices & Trends (~33 min)

    • Providing Feedback

    • Course Glossary

    • Course Resources and References

    • Acknowledgements