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This is a self-directed course, so you will be studying it at your own pace. The course comprises 4 modules, with all resources and learning activities available online.  It is estimated that studying the whole course will take you approximately 3 hours. You may stop at any time, returning to the point you left off when you have time to move forward and complete the course.

If you require a WMO certified badge upon successful completion of the courseyou will need to follow the Self-enrolment procedure described below. This will allow you to take the Quizzes that are available after each module. A minimal achievement of 70% in each Quiz is required for successful completion.

For details on how to enroll, please click Course Enrolment Instructions

You are also advised to review and update your Profile. Your personal information is required for issuing a badgeClick the link below for directions on updating your Profile.

Update Your Profile Page

The Announcements forum is used by the course developers to post information on updates to the course. As an enrolled participant in the course, you will receive email notifications when new postings are made.

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