Visa Requirements

Dear Participants,

As indicated in the information note, you will be responsible for arranging your visa requirements; however generally, entry visas are not required for short stay visitors to Barbados.

To find out if you may need a visa, please check the following webpage:  The CIMH will provide assistance with securing visas to enter Barbados.

The local organizers are happy to help. Those who may need a visa are kindly requested to send their complete visa request with a copy of passport to Mr David Farrell ( 6 October 2017 so that he can forward on to the Immigration Department in Barbados for approvals.

A copy of the CIMH invitation is attached for ease of reference.

I remain at your disposal should you need further information.

Best regards,

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11 10月 2017
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KHADASHMoftah Giuma Daw