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  • Core learning material

    Under this section practical guidelines to be used for training workshops and RWC to get acquainted with their tasks are provided.

    In the future all WIGOS components should be considered in the WDQMS. To initiate the operationalisation of Regional WIGOS Centres the main focus will be on the GOS networks. Other networks, such as GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch) or the GCW (Global Cryosphere Watch) or others might be added at a later stage.

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  • Technical guidelines on WDQMS

    Excerpts of the 'Technical Guidelines for Regional WIGOS Centres on the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System – WMO-No. 1124' separated by the different WDQMS functions complemented by additional technical information.

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  • Guidance and learning material on other WDQMS related topics

    It is helpful for RWC personnel to have knowledge on other WDQMS related topics, e.g. OSCAR/Surface, GTS and WIS. Thus it may useful for RWCs to consider the information under this section.

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  • Public available quality monitoring web tools and websites

    Various links to websites and web tools concerning quality monitoring and evaluation of meteorological data.

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  • Other useful information

    RWCs may also have some knowledge about the various WMO global and regional GOS definitions for stations

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  • Presentations delivered at WDQMS and RWC training courses

    Presentations delivered at WDMQS and RWC training courses for the purpose of operationalizing Regional WIGOS Centre operations as well as for training courses in the past, e.g. during the Demonstration Project RA I in 2016 and the RA VI Pilot project.

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  • WDQMS and RWC webinars

    Summary of WDQMS webinars.
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  • WMO references

    References to WDQMS and WIGOS related WMO documents.

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