Guidelines for Workshop Facilitators

Guidelines for Workshop Facilitators

Orienting participants to the workshop and virtual learning environment

  • Provide an orientation announcement or webinar explaining the purpose of the course and expectations for participants. Especially emphasize the importance of forming an effective national team made up of people with responsibilities for DRR.
  • Provide an explanation of the assignments for each module of the course.
  • Describe the intended learning and organizational outcomes of the workshop.

Using Moodle as a virtual learning environment

  • Familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the course virtual learning environment, in this case, Moodle.
  • You may want to review some of the units in the CALMet Moodle course available at
  • For more specific and quick help, visit and search for answers to your questions
  • Be sure to keep the virtual learning environment as uncluttered and easy to use as possible to avoid frustration by learners.

Online facilitation

  • Overcome the potential feelings of remoteness by participants by building in time for interactions using the discussion forums and a possible mix of live events via webinars (particularly for Module 4).
  • In using the forums, try to stimulate discussion with questions. Provide answers to be supportive, but also ask other participants to offer answers to questions as well.
  • Do not respond immediately to every post but allow time for others to respond as well. However, be sure that each question or problem raised in a discussion forum is responded to within approximately 24 hours.
  • To maintain momentum, make an announcement each week noting progress and encouraging the work of participant. You can use the weekly announcement also to make reminders about the assignments that are due.
  • Encourage participants to ask questions to the entire group via the discussion forums, rather than to you individually as a facilitator. Respond to all so everyone benefits from the feedback.
  • In general, stimulate engagement by making the course participants feel a central part of a learning community, and not isolated.

Providing feedback on performance

  • Provide constructive feedback on assignments that tells both what the participants have done well and what they can improve. Encourage participants to improve their assignments when it will achieve a better outcome.
  • Encourage participants to share their assignments with the fellow participants and encourage an atmosphere of supportive interaction.
  • When team or individual performance poor, intervene to discover why and if something can be done to help overcome blockages to poor performance.

Also see the resource, “Some Guidelines for Facilitators,” available on the course website.

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